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Redefining Our Society for a Better Tomorrow

The birth of modern society emerged around the eighteenth century. The modern society we got used to is continuously growing, evolving, and transforming behind the scenes. Our progress in redefining our society has been remarkable. We have broken the illusive chains of slavery and surpassed the limitations that came our way through persistence. Though our society has not yet evolved into perfection, we are slowly changing those societal beliefs that are destructive. We all want to see Amsterdam top sightseeing and travel the endless horizons of what’s ahead. To do that, our society has to be redefined. Unity in defining the structural and cultural level is hard to achieve but never impossible.

“Once we agree on the future, the present will be much easier. A captain who does not know where he wants to sail, no wind on Earth will bring him there. We have first to decide where we want to go, where we want to sail.” - Ami Ayalon

Learning the Dialect of Social Change

Conflicting principles of the social organization sets the limit for better alternatives. The measurement of the societal impact of these changes requires a solid basis. What we have to understand in the dialect of social change is that there is no limit. There is no permanent solution, there is just a continuous flow of change. Forcibly controlling means restricting possible growth it may cause, and without it, these changes can be destructive. Definitions will continuously change, and our perception of what’s right and wrong will be bent. Uncertainties of the dialect of social change may confuse website visitors, but some guides may lead us such as history, understanding pressure groups, identifying dominant values and goals, and economic analysis.


You are Part of The Social Transformation

Know that everyone has a part in the social transformation. Little part as it may seem, you are part of the puzzle. You belong. Every decision we make drives change. Imagine millions of individuals think the same as you, it’s a powerful wave of change. Here are the reasons why social transformation is an interesting and important subject:

Global Connectedness

Nations are divided into names, beliefs, political structure, and geography. But in times of need, nations will unite as a whole. Global connectedness breaks down the walls of division. It creates a global understanding of social responsibilities and values. This understanding promotes shedding light about pressing issues that affect us as inhabitants of the Earth.

Better Self-Presentation

The social transformation affects our self-presentation. History has shown us several social transformations in the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam. People present themselves based on what they perceive is good or it could be the other way around. Understanding social transformation may guide individuals in presenting themselves based on their values and logic. Understand that not all social transformations are good. So, learning it deeply may guide us on what is a positive change and a negative change.

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Knowledge is power. Course in social transformation applies to your personal, social, and professional life. Know the valuable lessons of the past, the present, and know how both will affect the future. Join us to learn more.

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