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For whom is this course intended?

Social transformation is an ideal course for everyone. Our institution focuses on young adults and working professionals.

Is taking this course beneficial to my career?

Knowledge in social transformation is never a waste. Aside from the personal applications, you may gain from this course, a course in social transformation is beneficial for individuals who are working in human resource, social works, and other fields that require human interaction and behaviour analysis.

Do you offer certificate courses?

We do offer certificates and short courses; however, Social transformation is a never-ending study as social developments never stop. Students are encouraged to take the follow-up studies to stay up-to-date with the recent transformations in our society.

How can I submit my research to your institution?

If you want to be a contributor by submitting research, please send us a copy. Rest assured that all guidelines will be met when we decide to use your research as one of our materials.

Do you have workgroups?

Yes. Social transformation is about working in groups. For that reason, we formed workgroups to support the growth of our students in understanding social transformation and gather ideas on how they can create positive changes in their organizations.

Is there a cost to obtain a digital copy of the module?

We don’t charge for a digital copy of the module using I Amsterdam card. But we do welcome financial contributions to award researchers who strive to further the study of social transformation.