Center for Studies of International Cooperation and Development

Since its establishment in 1834, our institution is committed to educating the youth about humanistic principles and democratic values focused on understanding social transformation. To secure the future, we need to start with the youth. The principles they’ll gain will guide them to drive the necessary change in the societal level. We believe that these learnings will serve as a foundation for them to be good citizens in the future.

Our Core Foundations:


We teach students to respect the culture of every nation and understand the underlying factors of what created them. Unity can only be achieved by complete recognition of the differences and finding a common point of what may connect us. Students will understand why people gather during the Amsterdam holiday and how it unites the people for a day. If we can do that globally, radical change is possible.

Dynamic Teaching

All courses should be dynamic especially in a time such as this. Knowledge can be found everywhere for those who seek it. Information changes and new concepts are being formed. For that reason, we teach social transformation without the restrictions of modules and course outlines. Those are only tools but never a standard.

Openness to New Studies and Research

Our institution embraces openness to the world by accepting new research and studies that may help us better understand social transformation. All entries are studied thoroughly scrutinizing every detail to identify whether the new research or study is plausible.