Disrupting Damaging Status Quo


“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

When we think about insanity, a mental institution comes to mind. But the truth is, even the people who can think clearly are subject to insanity. Sometimes, the people who we deem smart are the ones who have this sickness. Damaging status quo is like insanity. The process keeps going on, yet we somehow expect that something is going to change. It’s a never-ending cycle that leads to the same mistakes and leads to the same undesirable outcomes.

When Face-to-Face With Impossibility, It’s time to Reimagine

Breaking the status quo is not easy. Slavery was not ended in an instant. It took years of hard work, patience, rebellion, and changing of minds before slavery was put to an end. Today, people of different color can dine together in dinner cruise Amsterdam. Martin Luther King emphasized the word “dream” in his famous speech. He had a dream, he imagined it in detail and conveyed it in the clearest way possible. And millions of people heard him, they understood his dream, they envisioned his imagination. Up to this day, his speech is still considered as one of the best speeches of all time.


Viral Cascade of Change

Disruption of the status quo needs early adopters. They are the trendsetter who will set the phase for the resistant population to join or agree. Today, a viral cascade of change is possible. People won’t have to gather in Amsterdam city pass just to be heard. Trendsetters can drive social change by the tap of their fingers. It is the reason why our generation has the most number of social transformation ever recorded. Information could travel fast. Changing of minds used to take years. But today, it would take so much faster.

Breaking The Status Quo Has Discomforts

Change is never comfortable. Expect that breaking the status quo will bring discomforts. It may raise some questions whether it is the right thing. But know that there will be downsides in implementing change. To know whether you are on the right path, think about the final picture and benefit this change would bring.