Social Transformations in the Twentieth Century

The twentieth century has the most radical social transformations of all time. Our century holds significant changes with a lasting legacy. Our society transformed so much both qualitatively and quantitatively. Our history records the previous generation’s social impact led to civil wars, violent rebellions, chaos in cheap night Amsterdam, and economic crisis. The changes we brought didn’t cause any hard stir. Our progress has been remarkable, but it’s time to focus on the things that have been ignored by the people who went before us.


The Fall of Blue Collar Jobs

Blue-collar workers dominated in 1800 due to the rise of industrialization. A new class of workers came into the picture when technology started to rise. This change caused the fall of blue-collar jobs. In today’s time, blue-collar jobs have declined and viewed differently. So, people paid attention to education to get better jobs and get out of the rat race. The fall of blue-collar jobs is obvious in Amsterdam canal tour. Though the impact of this change is not all positive, it paved the way for a knowledge-oriented generation to rise. However, a balance should be established as we need blue-collar jobs to sustain the needs of our economy.

Increasing Trends of Knowledge Workers

Our century has the most number of newly recorded professions in history. Most of these professions fall under the category of knowledge workers. According to numerous platforms, professions related to writing, programming, and management have higher salary offers. The number of people doing tech blog has massive growth since 2010. People are searching for ways to save money on electronics. These are obvious signs that knowledge workers are dominating in this time and age.


Growing Entrepreneurial Spirit Among Young Professionals

Time is not infinite. More people come to realize that freedom is only achieved when they embrace entrepreneurship independent from the restrictions of corporate demands. We have come to our senses that freedom is no longer a matter of international issue. Freedom is an individual choice. The growth of entrepreneurs in different sectors is gradually increasing. This change is relative to the increase of knowledge workers. Young professionals learned to take the stirring wheel back into their hands, so they can maneuver their destiny.